No more busywork

Street’s email automation, templates and tracking makes your day far less repetitive. So you can do far more…


Save time and gain insight.

With automated emails, you’ll get back to doing what you love - delivering value for clients. You’ll know who sees every message, refining your approach and improving relationships.

Keep clients updated every step of the way

Street’s automated email campaigns notify clients instantly of important events. Never leave a client out of the loop.

Craft and send personalised valuation reports

Prepare beautiful valuation reports in just a few clicks. It’s never been easier to win an instruction.

Let follow-ups take care of themselves

Still waiting on viewing feedback? Street’s email responses can reach out for you, nudging on cue.

Take thousands of tasks off your plate

And spend your time where it matters most.

Powerful email.

Domain Verification
Street email

Send from within Street

Domain verification allows Street users to leverage our transactional email engine to send email from their own email address without leaving the platform. Send at scale with exceptional delivery rates on Street.

Street email tracking

Track Opens & Clicks

See the live email status of all transactional and manual emails sent from your Street account to buyers, sellers, renters and landlords.

All confirmed

Send in a click

Save time and reduce errors. Stop typing the same emails over and over. Street allows you to create powerful reusable email templates for you, your branch or your whole company.

Merge Fields
All confirmed

Automated but personal

Add more power to your templates with powerful merge fields enabling you to craft and automate any regular correspondence.

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